Great Starting of this week

 Hi, am rajanrufus working in Cogzidel Technologies as a Search Engine Optimizer. I would like to share my great starting of this week and i think it might be some what funny as well as serious things.

We all know that Sunday is our first day of the week and am starting with my 5’o clock, i woke up at 5am due to my new bike which i gonna buy next week. First of all i would like to tell you guys regarding my new bike. Now i have a bike called PULSAR which was a Bajaj product but my heart wasn’t satisfied with this bike because my favorite product is Yamaha but unfortunately i bought it. My favorite bike is the only thing which makes me to woke up in the early morning.

After my woke up i had a dream for an half-an hour. In my dream i was with my new bike FZ-S which makes me more happy and for your information its my long term goal. With my dream i started my day happily. And a bad thing happened on that day which means my older bike inbuilt circuits are fired due to some short circuit. Myself and my brother went to the workshop to rectify the problem which was happened previously. The mechanic tried to clear the problem but he couldn’t able to find it immediately. Half of the day we spend our time in workshop, finally the mechanic told that he can only complete it on Monday. We two disappointed and came back to the home with another bike which was given by the mechanic. That bike is the first version of PULSAR and i had a great experience with that one while driving.

Our city is very hot due to high temperature this makes us to cause stomach-ache. After reaching home we informed about our stomach-ache to the mama. She immediately gave us cool drinks to remove our stomach pain. Then my brother switch ON the television to watch the WWE No Way Out. But they didn’t telecast the program in time, once again we both got disappointed and we took our lunch which was given by my sweet mama with her love. Finally we both went to bed and take rest for more 3 hours, after that we woke up and take a bath.

Once again we both switch ON the television with the hope to watch WWE special program and we succeed it. While watching half of the program my dad scold us and switch off the tv. Finally we both gone back to the bed without taking our dinner. This are all the things which happens on the first day in this week.
Today is the Monday and i started my work in my office. 


Grab this unique pinterest clone script at an affordable price

Organizing the different images which a personal come across during the browsing would be hard task. Pinterest, a social image sharing software eases this task, by organizing all the images which are interesting during the browsing session and share it with Users efficiently. Cogzidel Technologies is proud to announce the launch of a new product named “PINDERFUL”, a pinterest clone script to the users located worldwide.

When a personal is browsing online and comes across few images which impress him/her, what are options they have got to keep a track of them? Save the images in a system and take a printout of them, send an email to him by attaching the pictures which he likes in it. Well it will consume some time to do it. How good would it be if they are able to organize all the images of their interest and share it with users quickly? Here is the simple solution to it!

Pinterest is an innovative platform loaded with potential which has been creating a revolution in the social networking field. It does connect the personals in the world based on the shared interests. This virtual pinboard allows the users to share and organize the images which they like in the web quickly and efficiently. Right from the day it was launched, it has grown up to high standards. As this social photo sharing script is available for free, the awareness among the people seems to be increase as the days goes by. One of the significant roles it is playing is in terms of traffic generation for the retailer’s websites. Pinterest is generating more traffic compared to social networking sites like Twitter & Facebook combined and much more.

Due to its amazing features, we do see loads of companies started developing Pinterest clone script by including the service and style of this social picture sharing software and including additional features within it. As Pinterest clone are available all over the place due to its success, personal looking to own their social picture sharing script will need to review the features within it before picking the right script. As Cogzidel Technologies is known for improvising their advanced technical skills during the development of their products, the newly launched product Pinderful – Pinterest clone software by them has created a massive awareness among the users from day one of its journey as it carries unique features within it which is meant to rank high in majority of search engines.

We can see people already stating that the experience with this pinterest clone script has been amazing after realizing its fruitful features. This popular online pinboard software is being availed by users who own online business as it shows them the smart way to present their products, content, images, applications and much more to the users. You will realize the fact stated here once you browse this powerful social image bookmarking script. If you would like to know more about this highly advanced script, you can send an email to


Pingram is a combination of two different photo sharing applications Instagram and Pinterest which comes from the word “Pin” in the phrase Pinterest and “gram” in Instagram.

Let’s see how Instagram and Pinterest relates:


Instagram is a free photo sharing mobile application which is used to take photos and also it is used to apply digital filter. This photos are used in different social networking sites which is also applicable in the Instagram. It confines photo in square shape and also contrast with 4:3 ratio which is mostly applicable for the mobile phone cameras. It is suitable for the Iphone and Ipad which is applied through the Apple app store.


Pinterest is a social image bookmarking service which is playing a vital role among all other social networking sites. Till the date they have got 17 million users in this march alone. I am participating this network regularly after facebook. In fact, it addicts me now. It helps to share different kinds of images and video clips with my friends and neighborhoods just by pin it on the categorized pinboard. Also, it has feature to repin, comment and like the images pinned by others.


Pingram is the combination of the Instagram and Pinterest which was launched recently by the Italian web developer and an ex-hacker Gennaro varriale. With the help of Instagram we can share our photos with clean interface which is similar to Pinterest.

Pingrammers can share their photos from the social photo sharing mobile application Instagram and also they can tweet in twitter as well. It also has a special feature where the users can “Pin” the photos that are capturing via Instagram app to their own pinterest profile.

We have collected such information from the blog which inspired me to prepare blog post about Pingram. Finally I have to thank website where I have gathered such informations about it.

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